Windows 9 will appear again as a real desktop OS?

A report of the PC magazine CHIP According to Microsoft could appeal to “Windows 9” a U-turn and go back honor to the old roots. After the relatively disastrous development of Windows 8 market share, this can hardly wound.

Quelle:,  Creative Commons-Lizenz CC BY-ND 3.0

Quelle:, Creative Commons-Lizenz CC BY-ND 3.0

This change could be made possible because Microsoft is working on a complete rebuild of Windows Phone. Aside from the usual changes, the system will then be able to run on tablets. Hereby the normal version of Windows could again receive more focus on the desktop and touch elements would be optinal.

However, this is still pure speculation, one should not rejoice too soon.

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Windows 8.1 Preview: No return of the old start menu

Many had hoped, but there is in Windows 8.1 no return of the old start menu. Instead, there is indeed a start button, which however does not bring any real benefit: He leads a mere back from the desktop to the Metro interface, which corresponds to what is suppressed even by the Windows key can already achieve in Windows 8.0.

This reveals the latest Windows 8.1-preview, which can be downloaded by anyone since today by ISO. Microsoft has launched a special on this page:

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Samsung-Manager thinks Windows 8 isn’t besser than Vista

Criticism of Windows 8 is not new, now there is once again a bitter swipe of a “significant person”. This was reported in a news magazine Golem.

Windows 8 is held responsible for the persistent weak sales in the PC market – by none other than the head of Samsung’s memory division. He literally said: “I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform.”

Vista went relatively well known, ingloriously into the Windows history, which led to the Windows XP Extended Support was extended almost endless because many refused to move to the Vista platform. It remains to be seen whether Windows 8 now threatens exactly the same!

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Windows 9: Release in November 2014?

If you believe a message from PCBeta, then Windows 9 may be released to the public in Nobember 2014. The magazine refers back to “internal sources”.

PCBeta also announces further dates: A beta should start on January 2014 around the “Consumer Electronics Show”. The date for a release candidate is set to June, the final release will be demanded in October or Nobember of the same year.

But don’t forget that Microsoft did not annouce anything concrete yet, so this informations remain speculative.

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Acer-Boss: Windows 8 could be partly responsible for declining PC sales

Will Microsoft learn from messages like this? As Heise reports, the head of Acer has made ​​statement, that Windows 8 is too complicated and people do not understand the system.

The curious thing about the situation is that Windows 8 should boost the PC market sales. Now the opposite seems to have happened! Due to the many negative reports about Windows 8, this was to be expected anyway.

Sales of notebooks and desktop computers in Q4 2012 decreased by 6.4% compared to the same period last year, the entire year it was 3.2%. One reason for the problems is that many consumers prefer to buy smartphones and tablets, as they don’t require a lot of functionality of a complete PCs.

We hope that Microsoft will learn from all this and present as a better “Windows 9”!

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Will Windows 9 / Blue be shipped for free?

As reported on, there are rumors that the successor of Windows 8 (codenamed “Blue”) could be shipped for free or at very low rates.

However, Microsoft will not comment on this until now. A change in the update policy could be already tracked with Windows 8: Until January 2013 updates can be baught for just $39.90 – compared to what Windows 7 Updates costs this is already very cheap.

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Windows 9: This could be a reasonable user concept

It is not to be expected and we think its not senseful if Microsoft would pulp ModernUI (formerly “Metro”) in Windows 9 completely. But how could a compromise for the desktop (not for tabletes) look, with all the users would be satisfied? For this purpose, there are two approaches:

Version 1:
Microsoft changes the priority of the user interfaces. Instead that the desktop is an app in the ModernUI, ModernUI would become an application on the desktop. The system would boot into the desktop and ModernUI would be accessible by clicking a shortcut. You can get such a combination even today with the application “Start8”. With its changes you can boot directly into the desktop and it also restores the old start menu. You can access Metro by a shortcut.

Version 2:
THe second variant is more extensive, but also more meaningful and more elegant – because the two interfaces would be melt togehter in one. The system would initially boot directly into the desktop and ModernUI would also be not a separate interface. Instead you could find all the metro apps as shortcuts on the startmenu or the desktop. And uf you took this, you should think about the second: On the desktop, fullscreen applications are making no sense.

Windows 9- fictive look
Theoretically a meaningful improvement: ModernUI Finance App as a window on the “old” desktop

So ModernUI apps could run fine in a sizeable window like normal applications. Ideally, (this is currently not possible) you could then interact between ModernUI and normal applications. Option 2 would therefore represent a real asset and apps as well as “normal” applications would coexist peacefully.

What is your opinion about the two variants and how would you design Windows 9?

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No support for “32-bit only”-CPUs in Windows 9?

One rumor seems to get a fact more and more: Windows 9 will probably no longer run on pure 32-bit processors. This would not be a surprise, because even Windows 8 has raised the hurdles in terms of CPU support very high: It requires a CPU with PAE NX/XD- and SSE2 support, otherwise you can not install the system.

However, some sources are speculating that Windows 9 would support no 32-bit applications (WOW64), too. But this does not seems very logical to us. Even today there is very little software with 64-bit support, not even Firefox and Chrome exist officially for Windows in 64-bit versions. A decision like this would “kill” millions of programs – an unthinkable thing.

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Windows 8 threatens to flop – disappointing sales

It was obvious to almost everyone: How reported the sales of Windows 8 will just be disappointing. Microsoft blamess the hardware manufacturers for the results (they wouldn’t have made enought innovative hardware concepts) , but this seems implausible to us.

Microsoft Expert Paul Thurrott of “Winsupersite” puts it much better in a nutshell: The problem arose from a “monstrous mixture of old and new, which hides a great updated desktop behind a crazy Metro UI”. Also, the web design and usability expert Jacob Nielsen does not spare criticism: “Windows 8 on tablets is weak and fearful for PCs”.

If you look then at what the citizens think, you only need to compare the reviews on Amazon between Windows 7 and Windows 8: While Windows 7 receives almost everywhere full 5 stars, must settle for Windows 8 frequently with 2 or 3 stars. Striking are the many very scathing comments.

With such a wave of rejection even the best hardware concepts could have changed little. We fully expect that Microsoft will reflect in Windows 9 back to a reasonable concept and delivers a worthy successor. Similar when comparing Vista and Windows 7 was the case.

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What will be the final name of Windows 9?

At the first look you may say: “Surely Windows 9”. But yet there are rumors that before Windows 9 a “Windows 8.1” intermediate-version could be released to the public. Up to now, such a behavior is not known from Microsoft in the section of desktop computing. But in the mobile section we aready saw such intermediate versions such as “Windows Phone 6.5” instead of “Windows Phone 7”.

Because Microsoft already broke some taboos with Windows 8, we can really be tensed to see whats coming next. Really sure is nothing at the moment.

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