Windows 8 threatens to flop – disappointing sales

It was obvious to almost everyone: How reported the sales of Windows 8 will just be disappointing. Microsoft blamess the hardware manufacturers for the results (they wouldn’t have made enought innovative hardware concepts) , but this seems implausible to us.

Microsoft Expert Paul Thurrott of “Winsupersite” puts it much better in a nutshell: The problem arose from a “monstrous mixture of old and new, which hides a great updated desktop behind a crazy Metro UI”. Also, the web design and usability expert Jacob Nielsen does not spare criticism: “Windows 8 on tablets is weak and fearful for PCs”.

If you look then at what the citizens think, you only need to compare the reviews on Amazon between Windows 7 and Windows 8: While Windows 7 receives almost everywhere full 5 stars, must settle for Windows 8 frequently with 2 or 3 stars. Striking are the many very scathing comments.

With such a wave of rejection even the best hardware concepts could have changed little. We fully expect that Microsoft will reflect in Windows 9 back to a reasonable concept and delivers a worthy successor. Similar when comparing Vista and Windows 7 was the case.

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    A reviewer may give two stars just because there is no Start button and one because let’s put an example, there is no angry birds for Windows 8. So, how can you hold these as trusted comments? And worse, how can you make an article based on these kind of comments?
    Windows 7 has good reviews and Vista doesn’t? Why is that? Windows 7 is based in Vista! And there is no major difference in UI. Vista was a great product. If the hardware was not the ideal and people tried to upgrade Windows 95 with Vista, there you have the results.

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