No support for “32-bit only”-CPUs in Windows 9?

One rumor seems to get a fact more and more: Windows 9 will probably no longer run on pure 32-bit processors. This would not be a surprise, because even Windows 8 has raised the hurdles in terms of CPU support very high: It requires a CPU with PAE NX/XD- and SSE2 support, otherwise you can not install the system.

However, some sources are speculating that Windows 9 would support no 32-bit applications (WOW64), too. But this does not seems very logical to us. Even today there is very little software with 64-bit support, not even Firefox and Chrome exist officially for Windows in 64-bit versions. A decision like this would “kill” millions of programs – an unthinkable thing.

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2 comments on “No support for “32-bit only”-CPUs in Windows 9?

  1. 32bit should has ben removed alredy into Windows Vista.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    32-bit should be supported forever. What applications really needs a 64-bit processing size, rather than 32-bits? It doesn’t make much sense.

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