Windows 9: This could be a reasonable user concept

It is not to be expected and we think its not senseful if Microsoft would pulp ModernUI (formerly “Metro”) in Windows 9 completely. But how could a compromise for the desktop (not for tabletes) look, with all the users would be satisfied? For this purpose, there are two approaches:

Version 1:
Microsoft changes the priority of the user interfaces. Instead that the desktop is an app in the ModernUI, ModernUI would become an application on the desktop. The system would boot into the desktop and ModernUI would be accessible by clicking a shortcut. You can get such a combination even today with the application “Start8”. With its changes you can boot directly into the desktop and it also restores the old start menu. You can access Metro by a shortcut.

Version 2:
THe second variant is more extensive, but also more meaningful and more elegant – because the two interfaces would be melt togehter in one. The system would initially boot directly into the desktop and ModernUI would also be not a separate interface. Instead you could find all the metro apps as shortcuts on the startmenu or the desktop. And uf you took this, you should think about the second: On the desktop, fullscreen applications are making no sense.

Windows 9- fictive look
Theoretically a meaningful improvement: ModernUI Finance App as a window on the “old” desktop

So ModernUI apps could run fine in a sizeable window like normal applications. Ideally, (this is currently not possible) you could then interact between ModernUI and normal applications. Option 2 would therefore represent a real asset and apps as well as “normal” applications would coexist peacefully.

What is your opinion about the two variants and how would you design Windows 9?

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  1. Samuel on said:

    Isn’t that what modern mix from Stardocks does?

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