Acer-Boss: Windows 8 could be partly responsible for declining PC sales

Will Microsoft learn from messages like this? As Heise reports, the head of Acer has made ​​statement, that Windows 8 is too complicated and people do not understand the system.

The curious thing about the situation is that Windows 8 should boost the PC market sales. Now the opposite seems to have happened! Due to the many negative reports about Windows 8, this was to be expected anyway.

Sales of notebooks and desktop computers in Q4 2012 decreased by 6.4% compared to the same period last year, the entire year it was 3.2%. One reason for the problems is that many consumers prefer to buy smartphones and tablets, as they don’t require a lot of functionality of a complete PCs.

We hope that Microsoft will learn from all this and present as a better “Windows 9”!

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One comment on “Acer-Boss: Windows 8 could be partly responsible for declining PC sales

  1. LLOL on said:

    Then the problem is people, not Windows 8. If someone finds Windows 8 difficult, either you stay with what you have or you watch TV and drink beer. Computing is not for them.

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