Windows 8.1 Preview: No return of the old start menu

Many had hoped, but there is in Windows 8.1 no return of the old start menu. Instead, there is indeed a start button, which however does not bring any real benefit: He leads a mere back from the desktop to the Metro interface, which corresponds to what is suppressed even by the Windows key can already achieve in Windows 8.0.

This reveals the latest Windows 8.1-preview, which can be downloaded by anyone since today by ISO. Microsoft has launched a special on this page:

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One comment on “Windows 8.1 Preview: No return of the old start menu

  1. UnverifiedUser on said:

    I have come to notice that with the recent slew of mind molding by corporations, mostly the mobile “thing” company’s, that continue to force obsolescence and force software revisions as they refine their digital death of privacy and freedoms on to the ignorant public. Windows 8, is a valid OS. The start button missing is your biggest gripe? Well then how may I ask did you ever land a job as a writer? The start button IS, the metro interface. I mean, I know why MS decided to go with the metro interface, but it seems they needed to be more than rude to make an OS work. The metro interface is for those messy desktop cluttered, mobile OS icon clustered touch based idiots, who cant handle clicking the orb, scrolling down to a folder, clicking it, pointing at the right icon and clicking it, just to start a program.
    Instead they were welcomed by the boo’s and hisses of a generation that knows nothing about programs, but everything (so they think) about “apps”. Knows nothing of fighting for their rights to privacy and ownership of the products they have purchased. So why dont you take the time and release more articles on where the end user is going wrong. Like with allowing “app” makers and all the other asshole company’s absolute rights to their lives just to install some useless “app”.

    how -bout -dat?

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