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Windows 8.1 Preview: No return of the old start menu

Many had hoped, but there is in Windows 8.1 no return of the old start menu. Instead, there is indeed a start button, which however does not bring any real benefit: He leads a mere back from the desktop to the Metro interface, which corresponds to what is suppressed even by the Windows key can […]

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Samsung-Manager thinks Windows 8 isn’t besser than Vista

Criticism of Windows 8 is not new, now there is once again a bitter swipe of a “significant person”. This was reported in a news magazine Golem. Windows 8 is held responsible for the persistent weak sales in the PC market – by none other than the head of Samsung’s memory division. He literally said: […]

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Acer-Boss: Windows 8 could be partly responsible for declining PC sales

Will Microsoft learn from messages like this? As Heise reports, the head of Acer has made ​​statement, that Windows 8 is too complicated and people do not understand the system. The curious thing about the situation is that Windows 8 should boost the PC market sales. Now the opposite seems to have happened! Due to […]

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Will Windows 9 / Blue be shipped for free?

As reported on, there are rumors that the successor of Windows 8 (codenamed “Blue”) could be shipped for free or at very low rates. However, Microsoft will not comment on this until now. A change in the update policy could be already tracked with Windows 8: Until January 2013 updates can be baught for […]

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Windows 8 threatens to flop – disappointing sales

It was obvious to almost everyone: How reported the sales of Windows 8 will just be disappointing. Microsoft blamess the hardware manufacturers for the results (they wouldn’t have made enought innovative hardware concepts) , but this seems implausible to us. Microsoft Expert Paul Thurrott of “Winsupersite” puts it much better in a nutshell: The […]

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