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Windows 9 will appear again as a real desktop OS?

A report of the PC magazine CHIP According to Microsoft could appeal to “Windows 9” a U-turn and go back honor to the old roots. After the relatively disastrous development of Windows 8 market share, this can hardly wound. This change could be made possible because Microsoft is working on a complete rebuild of Windows […]

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Windows 9: Release in November 2014?

If you believe a message from PCBeta, then Windows 9 may be released to the public in Nobember 2014. The magazine refers back to “internal sources”. PCBeta also announces further dates: A beta should start on January 2014 around the “Consumer Electronics Show”. The date for a release candidate is set to June, the final […]

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Will Windows 9 / Blue be shipped for free?

As reported on, there are rumors that the successor of Windows 8 (codenamed “Blue”) could be shipped for free or at very low rates. However, Microsoft will not comment on this until now. A change in the update policy could be already tracked with Windows 8: Until January 2013 updates can be baught for […]

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Windows 9: This could be a reasonable user concept

It is not to be expected and we think its not senseful if Microsoft would pulp ModernUI (formerly “Metro”) in Windows 9 completely. But how could a compromise for the desktop (not for tabletes) look, with all the users would be satisfied? For this purpose, there are two approaches: Version 1: Microsoft changes the priority […]

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No support for “32-bit only”-CPUs in Windows 9?

One rumor seems to get a fact more and more: Windows 9 will probably no longer run on pure 32-bit processors. This would not be a surprise, because even Windows 8 has raised the hurdles in terms of CPU support very high: It requires a CPU with PAE NX/XD- and SSE2 support, otherwise you can […]

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What will be the final name of Windows 9?

At the first look you may say: “Surely Windows 9”. But yet there are rumors that before Windows 9 a “Windows 8.1” intermediate-version could be released to the public. Up to now, such a behavior is not known from Microsoft in the section of desktop computing. But in the mobile section we aready saw such […]

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When will Windows 9 be shipped?

Surely actually there exist only rumors about the concrete shipping date of “Windows 9“. The sources that we found are speaking about a timeline between 2013 and 2015. A rumor that there will be something with the codename “Blue” which should be introduced in 2013 also causes additional confusion. But that there are not much […]

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Welcome on

Everybody talks about Windows 8 – we are already talking about Windows 9! But why? The new GUI introduced to WIndows 8 (initially called “Metro”) is dividing the minds. Windows 8 trys to put a Tablet-Interface on a Desktop PC what produced a lot of critic. So many users hope for Windows 9 and the […]

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